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Taurus' mode is Fixed. Fixed signs are loyal, steadfast, and stubborn. They tend to resist change and they have excellent follow-through. The symbol for Taurus is the Bull.

THE 4 ELEMENTS of the Zodiac Signs

The bull is a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power. Taureans are persevering, strong individuals, who can also be quite "bull-headed. Taureans are also quite sensual and, often, self-indulgent "beasts. Taurus is associated with a number of gemstones, including the emerald associated with Venus and thought to preserve love , the rose quartz fertility, friendship, love , and the diamond strength, commitment, and endurance.

Copper is the metal of Venus. Copper has enhancing properties, much like the sign of Taurus, and is associated with beauty, love, artistry, and sensuality. Depicted here, the glyph or symbol used to represent Taurus' ruling planet, Venus. The Venus glyph reveals spirit circle over matter cross. It is similar to the glyph of Mercury, but minus a crescent, reflecting the evaluation of sensations and experiences through the feelings, as opposed to rational thought.

Icon grids for all zodiac signs. See Planetary Positions Tool. There is something very solid about Taurus natives, no matter what the rest of their charts say about them. Though they are dependable most of the time, this generally shows itself more in habit than in outright helpfulness. Taurus natives are sensual folk—and this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas: they delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers or spring rain, pleasing melodies coming from their stereos, and so forth. Some might even say they live through their senses more than most.

When Taurus natives work, they work hard. Although hard-working, their fixed and comfort-loving nature sometimes makes them appear lazy. This is only because they separate work and leisure so well. Taureans stick with things and ideas, and therein lies one of the reasons why they are known for their stubbornness. Taurus is a fixed sign, and they have a fair measure of tradition and steadiness in their make-up that keeps them rooted. The possessiveness associated with Taurus shows up in all areas of life in some way. Taurus likes to own things and sometimes people. A nice home, a piece of land this can be modest , a paid-off car, that aquarium mentioned earlier, a couple pets, maybe a solid business…In love and relationship, there is an earthy kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some, but there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous.

Taurus natives are rarely jealous and petty. They do , however, think of the people they love as theirs —it adds to their sense of security. Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts—in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities.

Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests.

Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell. Relationships with people born with this position of the Moon are often quite enduring. Many Moon in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the face of serious conflict.

There is a serenity to them that is calming. In fact, it takes a lot to really get to them. However, they do get off-center every once in a while.

Taurus in Astrology

They are not the most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for example. Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply have a stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely are they spontaneous sorts. Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability. The world of the five senses is all-important to these natives.

Their love of stability and steadiness can make them slaves to routine. However, they are loyal and capable people. Mercury in Taurus natives are plodders. They may take their time to arrive at a decision, but they get there — they are actually quite decisive, even stubborn with their opinions. Some may mistake the time they take over decisions for laziness, but look a little deeper and you will find that these people do think. Mercury in Taurus men and women may be slow to start a new project, but they see it through to the end.

You may need to poke them to get them going, however. They have much common sense at their disposal. These people rely on their senses when it comes to processing information. Smells, noises, and mood are all employed. Their communication style may, at times, be slow and measured. You may get a sense that these people are quite deliberate in what they do.

Associating Zodiac Signs With Elements

There is a placid quality to Mercury in Taurus natives—when they speak, they are generally not bubbling or scattered. As a result, others really listen to them.

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They take them seriously. The practicality of the sign often shows up in a rather sarcastic manner, although Mercury in Taurus people have an overall pleasing manner of communicating. Many people with this placement of Mercury have especially pleasant voices. When it comes to learning, Mercury in Taurus prefers demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts. Well-developed sense of color, smell, and touch are characteristic of this position of Mercury.

These people have well-defined tastes, and these revolve very much around the world of the five senses. If the Sun Sign is in Aries or Gemini, these people can come across as more bull-headed than they actually are. They have a no-nonsense approach to decision-making, and their ideas are often very practical and useful.

Love for Venus in Taurus centers on the physical world and creature comforts — they revel in sensual surroundings. These people project themselves as solid and comfortable. They need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in their relationships, even if their Sun is in the more spontaneous signs of Aries or Gemini. Venus in Taurus men and women can be possessive in love, and they are threatened by fast-paced, high-energy situations in the context of relationships and love.

Their lovers may complain that Venus in Taurus can get a little too comfortable and settled.

Taurus traits and personality explained

Pleasing Venus in Taurus involves emphasizing your loyalty, and their worth to you. Get physical with them; do comfortable things.

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Avoid pushing them in love — give them plenty of time. You will probably need to cultivate patience if you are in a relationship with Venus in Taurus. Water is all about our feelings and if you have plenty of water in your chart then you are caring, sensitive and have compassion for others. Water people react as opposed to act and there is a tendency to withdraw when they find something upsetting in order to protect themselves as their feelings can literally overwhelm them.

Psychic ability is associated with water and water signs planets are always prominent in the charts of psychics. Because of their acute sensitivity and overwhelming feelings water energy people may turn to drugs or other forms of escapism if life becomes too much to bear. Your energy may be low. Seek out water sign people.

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If you have too much water in your chart then those impulsive fire and air signs will soon have you emerging from your shell and seeing the lighter side of life while you will irrigate those earth signs like no other. If you have planets across all four elements in your chart then congratulations! You have the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water at your disposal. For most of us however, one or two elements usually dominate.

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