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This can lead them into trouble They are thinking.

Taureans love doing nothing. Just being kinda vacant.

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Let them be. Enjoy it! The key to a lot of physical pleasure, and therefore the access code to their enjoyment of life as well as quelling their deep-rooted Earth sign desire for security.

Taurus (astrology)

ALL Taureans obsess over, respect and manage their money. They enjoy investing and saving. Food is massively important and they enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties but, even more, going out to quaff and scoff at any given opportunity. Natural-born food bloggers! They only need to glance at a dating app, and it lights up with invitations. They know how to have a good time, so they make for great company - in love or friendship! They love attracting admiring attention, and are expert flirts.

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They take shopping seriously. A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Jan 22, at pm PST. Nearly everyone fancies them because they have this chilled, sensual demeanour which draws people in, perhaps we sense their love of a good time But, like all elemental groups, the Earth sign trio Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo all get on well with each other. They can talk money, shopping, home improvements and food Taurus will keep secrets until the day they'll die. The hot tip for hot sex for Taurus is to find a Scorpio lover. An intense, sexual bond.

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12222 Taurus Overview: Yearly Horoscope

Costa's new winter menu is here! Cosmopolitan UK. This new moon gives you a fresh take on your own material stability. As it harmonizes with the planet of commitment, Saturn, consider the ways in which your most set-in-stone higher beliefs serve you.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

For example, if you are devoted to your studies, think about whether how they support or destabilize you, and readjust your habits accordingly. A new moon is an appropriate time for both beginnings and endings, and this one is personally significant for you. Focus on sharpening your skill set this month. With the planet of knowledge and communication , Mercury, entering Taurus on Monday, May 6 , you begin a period of increased technical skills. Simply put, you will be as sharp as a tack.

Learning through trial and error has productive results.

Taurus (astrology) - Wikipedia

Try your hand at a new hobby, something more practical and hands-on that requires your expert patience and focus. Sweet Venus — the planet of love, money, and beauty — enters Taurus on Wednesday, May 15 , where it glamorously relishes in the lap of luxury. With Venus in your sign, you can boost your powers of physical attraction.

Whatever makeover projects you take on right now are supported by this planetary alignment. Also happening Wednesday, May 15 : Warrior planet Mars enters sensitive Cancer, which is the sign that hosts your house of personal resources and self-esteem. Mars has a hard time being aggressive here: Cancer wants to protect, not attack. Use this time to build up your walls of defense, sheltering yourself from things that can harm your sense of self-worth. An impulse to spend money is also on the table, so be aware of that when participating in retail therapy. The full moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 18 brings relationship issues to a head.

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