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I think it's probably safe to say I'm in panic mode, as I usually am when I learn that Mercury is about to Retrogade. March 5 — Mercury Goes Retrograde: Mercury retrograde means delays in communication August 23 — Virgo Season Begins: Celebrate the start of Virgo season by planning your fall calendar and getting Former Vice President Joe Biden's lead fundraiser in the Bay Area has switched a device that counters the effects of gravity , a minute repeater and retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Periods from to But, from what we can tell, the skies should be relatively kind. We explain what Mercury retrograde cycle is and give you the important dates in Uranus retrograde — August 11, 6 degrees Taurus; Uranus stations direct — January 11, 2 degrees Taurus; Please note, Uranus will turn direct at the same time Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. Nine is taking place in Geneva on Saturday, May 11, On September 6, Mercury turns retrograde in the zodiac sign of Libra.

We provide a number of Retrograde calendar template that you can obtain in word template format and then can customise it as per your own requirement. The very next day, Chiron, an asteroid in everyone's birth chart, goes retrograde on Monday, July 8. This Mercury retrograde period can simply be viewed as a particular period in which this planet moves in a backward motion.

This year the birth of Lord Mahavira will be celebrated on April Find: Witches, Zodiac, Astrology, and more!. Available Mercury Retrograde calendar: YEARS to with monthly calendar and dates including years , , and Prominent features: - Find where mercury is in station today - Find Mercury retrograde for your zodiac sign. During the first shadow period, you will get an idea of the thinking, communication or transport issues that will arise during the retrograde phase. Truth bombs, travel snags and technology hiccups are on the horizon.

Mercury retrograde will happen in from March 5 to 28, July 7 to July 31, and October 31 to November It's when the. Discover past amp future Mercury Retrograde dates on Horoscope. For those of you who don't know about this astrological "happening," here's the lowdown in layman's terms: The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.

Brace yourself for breakdowns: Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from July 7 to 31, If you were blindsided by every retrograde and full moon that came your way this year, make your New Year's resolution to mark the dates here into your cal ASAP. July Planets Retrograde calendar - easy to print out in landscape. This year, all the planets will be retrograde, some of them more times Mercury and Uranus and the others one time Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. If you are wondering when is Mercury retrograde?.

Check the calendar below to see if you have anything big on the upcoming Mercury retrograde dates so you can start to prepare a Plan B and even C. Mercury Retrograde Calendar for Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which no or minimal antegrade ejaculate is produced although orgasm is present and all the sensations of ejaculation may have been experienced by the patient 1. Full Moons in Do not wear it while bathing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Uranus retrograde is a fairly common event and not nearly as much of a disturbance as Mercury retrograde.

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Then make money doing this for your clients. Mercury is in retrograde - here's how it could affect your mood. Astrological calendars are provided for different zodiac signs. Mercury retrograde is a time for us to focus on our future zodiac sign goals and projects.

Moon Phases for Adelaide, 6 Oct 12222 – 28 Oct 12222

The past that needs to be resolved is directly related to the planet involved. When they finally got one that worked, the mailing labels printed but there was no ink! I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars in. Each month of KhaldeaCalendar features a astrological ephemeris of the highest precision and a calendar grid incorporating precisely timed astrological aspects and other astro-data, together with a striking abstract image and an inspiring motif for the month's zodiacal sign. The full moon pages offer interesting facts, mystical and entertaining essentials about the full moon.

Chiron is a planet-asteroid-thing that basically defies definition. Begins October 1 post retrograde shadow ends December th. Take note of these full moon dates, and prepare accordingly. What others are saying What are retrogrades and what do they mean?

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Jupiter will be retrograde from April 10th until August 11th, To find out which patch of sky every planet in your chart occupies, request a reading on Pandora Astrology's services page. And when you combine it with a brand named Bovet, you can expect the result to be pretty spectacular. A few years ago in Longines released its new Master Collection Retrograde watch collection. When Jupiter turned retrograde in the 9th House, one student experienced a great shift in values.

Pluto Retrograde is a time for purging, transformation, and renewal. But There's a bit of a fog over your head. Phillips has announced that as part of its Geneva Watch Auction: Nine, taking place May 11, , it will offer up a Vacheron Constantin minute repeater with retrograde calendar that, until recently, only existed in a single black-and-white photograph. March Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Track the planets and find out what's going on in the stars in with Astrology Answers' Astrological Calendar! This astrological calendar for is your roadmap through each month; track the lunar cycles, aspects, and planetary retrogrades using our astrological calendar to chart your course towards your biggest goals and dreams.

Catalog of calendars by months for year.

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  4. Each year, Mercury will favor one element over another. Uranus August 7- January 6, Uranus goes retrograde until through the signs of Taurus and Aries. During the year , we won't get to observe the planet Venus going into a retrograde motion. Calendar Krishna Janmashtami !! In this article, get to know the Saturn retrograde dates and how to deal with it.

    You might recall last year's fire retrogrades, all feisty and full of aggression, but 's Mercury retrograde cycles all dip into emotional water signs, calming the energy somewhat and giving you the option of using your intuition to get out of trouble. Yes, we are inside yet another Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrograde officially begins on Sunday, July 7. This asteroid is known as the wounded. It's an optical illusion, since there is forward movement, like speeding by a slow-moving train—as it recedes, it appears to go backward.

    The full moon calendar with exact dates and time accurate to the second! A couple weeks before a retrograde starts, back up your computer, phone, and anything else you need to preserve. Direct motion or prograde motion is motion in the same direction as other bodies. She is the wisdom of nature, the caretaker of ancient knowledge, and the goddess of self-understanding, and healing.

    With the power of the divine feminine rising on this new moon am PT , this is an ideal time to focus within on the feminine receptivity, as well as the generosity of mother earth itself. Where has your feminine side been wounded, disrespected, or ignored? The new moon falls in the part of Virgo called Hasta nakshatra , the star of magic and manifestation. Writing, artwork, and all sorts of healing modalities done by hand, like acupuncture, massage, and reiki are supported by this new moon. Know your Vedic Birth Star? Venus becomes visible at sunset as the heart-centered evening star, and will get progressively brighter each night through November.

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    Like the Hindu goddess Laksmi, Venus gives financial abundance, connectivity, and enhances artistic expression. Stay open to connection. Mercury will leave Virgo the day after the new moon and create a formation called parivartana yoga with romantic Venus that can strengthen your ability to communicate emotions and heal relationships. The goddess will grow even stronger after Oct 3, when Venus moves into Libra, the sign that she rules. This is a unique window for healing and creative expression, especially for Libras and those who are in a dasha cycle of Venus.

    To learn more book a Vedic Astrology Reading. A formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga — the serpent of Time — continues through November, with shocking political and natural events that can shift public awareness and accelerate the pace of change. Kala Sarpa Yoga is said to awaken the Naga dragons, the primal life force and ancient wisdom that resides deep within us, and within the earth itself. With the healing power of the goddess emerging on this new moon, this is the time to connect to your inner goddess and also the mother earth itself.

    How can you protect and empower the parts of yourself that you may have given up in the past? Autumn Skye. The harvest full moon of Sept 13 pm pt is between endings and new beginnings. This is the final full moon of summer and falls just a week before the equinox - the tipping point between darkness and light. It holds the fiery power of death and is a doorway to transformation and new life. Naga snakes are the kundalini shakti that supports all life on this planet, as well as the evolution of spiritual wisdom.

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    This full moon has the power to trigger strong dreams, deep meditation, and can thin the veil that separates us from the spirit world. Pitru Paksha , the fortnight of the ancestors Sept , also begins on this full moon. This is an auspicious window of time to honor loved ones who have passed away, and help heal ancestral karma. Avoid intoxicants and disempowering attitudes, like victimhood and escapism. With a fiery aspect from combust Mars , this full moon carries a courageous fire for visualizing and fighting for your dreams.

    Take heed, from Sept , communicative Mercury and love-centered Venus will be in graha yuddha — planetary war. This has to do with the 19 year cycle of the Moon and the fact that in 11 years from now the Full Moons are June 29 and July 29, as that is the time it takes to recalibrate this precisely with the cycle of the Sun. However, as I share in the article below having two Full Moons in a month is not the original meaning of a Blue of Moon as our current calendar is not linked with the Lunar Cycle and its arbitrarily linked with the Solar Cycle.

    Interestingly, two Full Moons in a month, or four Full Moons in a season, occur with the same frequency about every 2. See the tables below However, four Full Moons in a season has greater astronomical significance than two Full Moons in a calendar month. It is also not connected to the lunar cycle. The Gregorian calendar does however fixate our awareness on a linear way of tracking time through days, weeks, months and years. These dates have been assigned names and numbers and it works brilliantly as a linear way of tracking time. More to be shared in a future article or in the Celestial Timings.

    There is another speculation that the original term Blue Moon may have come from the bluish tinge the Moon gets when viewed through smoke. In this case, the theory is that someone saw the Moon appearing quite blue through the smoke of a large distant fire like a forest fire and therefore the term Blue Moon was a literal description of how the Moon looked.

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    This only occurs when the first Full Moon is in Zero or One degree of the sign and the next Full Moon is in 28 or 29 degrees of the same sign. As already mentioned above, July 22, there is a Full Moon at 00 degrees and 16 minutes of Aquarius. The following month on Aug 21 there is another Full Moon at 28 degrees and 11 minutes of Aquarius. This exact configuration happened one day later in July and August of with the Moon very close to the same degrees that are occurring in Note: This nearly exact recurrence is tracking the 19 year nodal cycle at its half way point.

    A topic for another article. When we understand the pattern of what is happening then we can intentionally tune into the magic, getting the most out of the opportunity these Timings represent. From the perspective that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us , what we put our attention and intention on becomes meaningful. Noticing the Pattern Below are tables of the various types of Blue Moon dates to ponder. These tables clearly show the pattern of about 2. One way to work with this information and the dates below is to notice if any of these Timings were especially significant in your personal experience.

    Also worth noticing is if there were significant events in the world that happened around any of the prior so-called Blue Moon times? In tracking this personally, I had a profound experience with a group down in Peru during the December Full Moon — Blue Moon of four Full Moons in a season see table below that was beyond the beyond of anything I had experienced previously. In July , there were two consecutive Full Moons in a calendar month. At the time of the second Full Moon during another Full Moon ceremony I was a part of, I had an illumination about a personal situation that had been especially challenging.

    This Timing also coincided with a powerful Pluto transit to my natal Moon, so the Full Moon activation was a part of that cycle and it turned out to be a further catalyst for an initiatory process I was already experiencing, meaning the two factors were working together to help support my journey and may not have had anything to do with the fact that it was the second Full Moon of the month. This suggests that knowing your cycles and participating in Full Moon ceremonies can help further what ever initiation cycles are going on for you.

    I have noticed the Full Moon often activates a personal part of my own chart regardless of whether it is a so-called Blue Moon. Shamanically speaking this suggests the potency of the Full Moon Window lasts for at least three days. The Hawaiians use 29 and sometimes 30 phases of the Moon, giving each phase its own special name and indications like when it was a good time to fish, or to plant, or to get married, or to stay home. Is 12 or 13 the Most Sacred Number of the Moon? In recent years, there have been many articles and books claiming that the number 13 is the most sacred number for the Moon.

    However, the Moon actually intimately connects with the numbers 12, 13 and If you are tracking the Moon return to a certain zodiacal degree, say zero Capricorn, it will return to that degree every If you divide That means the Moon will cross that point or any other starting point 13 times each year. That is why there are 12 months moonths in a year. It is important to realize the number 13 for the Moon is NOT what most people think it is.

    There are NOT 13 Full Moons every year regardless of whether you are tracking a calendar year, or a seasonal year — from one December Solstice to the next. Actually more often than not there are only 12 Full Moons a year.